Friday, 15 July 2011

Thank you flower cupcakes

Last week end was my son's first birthday party as I already mentioned when I posted his birthday cake on my blog but I hadn't mentioned the little drama we went through a few minutes before the kick start. We got locked outside the Community Hall we had rented until my husband thought of calling a couple of ladies who look very well after our dear Community and thanks to them we managed to get in, have a great time and realize that they deserve to be looked after as well once in while... so I thought the best way to treat them a little was to make them some cupcakes.

I made the forever reliable yellow cake I have found on Bakerella's website and made different size cupcakes.

My original idea was to make the bouquet and with the smallest ones make little ladybugs but I didn't have time to do that so it was only a bouquet of cupcakes.

I was inspired by this picture: I wanted to add some roses though. I put them in bright pink boxes. Here are some more pictures. Thanks for looking!

I have to say I struggled with it because I didn't have the correct tip. I had to improvise with another tip I had.

This is the Rose. Doing cake decorating made me realize how much I love yellow roses.

And once it was place in the box:

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