Saturday, 9 July 2011

Under the sea cake

So on Tuesday 5th July was my son's First Birthday which is a pretty big deal and I wanted to make sure he had a cake that he would be proud his Mummy made. He really liked his saucer which had under the sea animals so we though we would have that as a theme.
I made him a Birthday cake and some cupcakes. The bottom tier was chocolate and peanut butter frosting, the top tier was a gluten free orange cake and the cupcakes were yellow cake with lemon curd, cream cheese and cream frosting.

I was a little worried about the construction because that was the first time I made a separated tiered cake and I really was not sure about the use of the fish bowl. I made some jelly to fill the bowl. Unfortunately despite the fact that the jelly was supposed to be clear, it turned yellow and so the end product was not the beautiful blue I wanted but a sort of red.
I also did the piping directly on the fish bowl directly. I really wanted to add some candy rock chocolate truffles but I couldn't find any so I used the little crunchy rocks instead which I thought were quite good too.
I wanted the cupcakes to remind the theme but I didn't have time to decorate

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  1. Yay! This cake has made it on the Milly's Cake Decorating Facebook page as a cake of month of July contender. Seeing the competition I am very flattered to have even been selected! Here is the link: