Friday, 1 June 2012

When cleaning up the garden turns into a wonderful winter Barbeque

Our nice little fire
Today, the sun was finally back and I thought the outdoor area (we can't really call that a garden) needed a bit of TLC. A couple of months ago, my Husband took down a dead tree and left it where it fell. I found a saw in the shed and went at it with the help of my little gardener (with his toy saw, as determined as Mum to take the tree out). I cut down some of the tree and thought it would make nice fire wood for when we wanted to have a BBQ since we had ran out of charcoal. And then, I got bitten... Bitten by the BBQ bug. Suddenly I wanted Summer back and what better way to achieve that than with a BBQ.

We did break the cardinal rule of grocery shopping and bought some more meat just for tonight's dinner. On his way home, my Husband picked up what was available and it was a wonderful choice (vegetarians please look away):

An assortment of sirloins, pork chops, and prawn skewers

We had a surf and turf with baked fries. It was delicious. And all that because I decided to clean the garden...

The end result: doesn't look sexy but it tasted very nice
Happy Grilling everyone:)

Don't go just yet, I'm about to post the dessert we had... Here is a sneak pic

Now That looks sexy!!!

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