Thursday, 16 February 2012

Decorated cakes- 2009

Since I didn't have a post for Valentine's Day (we don't actually celebrate it at home), I thought I would post some pictures of cakes I have decorated so far.

So here they are:

This was one of my first "elaborated" ones. The order was a Tennis themed cake from a friend for her Mother's Birthday. I made the racket on the right too big and it started cracking.

This is the cake I made myself for my 30th Birthday. Top tier is gluten free orange cake and bottom... well has to be chocolate:

This one was for my Manager when she left for her new job:

I made this one for a 40th Birthday I think. It was a very rich chocolate cake...

I made this one for a lady at work who was going on maternity leave, unfortunately, when I got out of the car, the container fell on the ground and the cake got damaged:


I made this one for a colleague at work who was getting married:

This one is the one that started it all I have to admit. My manager at the time asked me if I could make a cake for her son who loved Lighting McQueen. It's not a perfect cake but considering I had had no training in shaping cakes or on how to use fondant, and the rest, I am still really happy how it turned out. 

This one I made for my niece's third Birthday:

I hope you have enjoyed looking at those cakes as much as I have enjoyed making them. I'll try to post some more soon. Happy baking :)

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